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Why Sci-Fi??

The truth is out there...I hope.

What is it about the Sci-Fi genre that I love so much? Why does it draw me in? I suppose to answer that question, I would have to go back to my early love of Star Wars. I was just old enough to be in a house where the original trilogy was owned on video. Even now, countless memories flood back to me of when I constantly watched them over and over again. Not once did I ever get tired of 'No, I am your father', 'May the Force be with you!' and 'I've got a bad feeling about this'. But apart from the memorable lines, swishing of lightsabers and roaring of engines, a huge part of the intrigue was the exploration of the unknown but still in a way that was engaging to the audience. Bounty hunters, Smugglers, Princesses and Emperors all shared the cosmic stage. The idea of contrasting familiar character profiles with an unfamiliar arena has always been interesting for me.

Of course, my love for Sci-Fi extends beyond the epic tales of Jedi Knights. Doctor Who is another icon that sticks in my mind. Time travel is such an interesting topic which, although can be confusing if done incorrectly, can also provide a fresh escape into times gone by or a possible view into times that could still be. The Doctor himself (or herself) represents the pinnacle of imaginative refreshment as he belongs to a species that not only has a lifespan far longer than ours, but can also regenerate their bodies when they are about to die. Not only does this unique plot device offer a change of pace to the show, it also conveniently allows for other actors to take on the role without breaking the flow of the narrative. With stories designed to keep you guessing, theorising and speculating over the twists and turns, it's no wonder why this show attracts my attention so much.

The Fifth Element is another Sci-Fi classic that has become a favourite of mine. What more could you need in a film? An Ancient Evil, a prophecy protected by an order of monks, a united space military, a greedy businessman, a race of warriors for hire, a Supreme Being and a former soldier turned taxi driver? If such an array of characters isn't enough to interest you in a genre, then I don't know what will.

All these reasons and more contribute to why I mainly write Sci-Fi stories. Time travel, planet hoppers, space battles and aliens will always provide suitable grounds for which interesting ideas and stories can take root. I can only do my best to make sure they grow!

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