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Only Graves will Tell Front Cover with T
Only Graves Will Tell

In a future where time travel is possible, an organisation of Detectives is set up to monitor history for any anomalies that threaten the timeline. One such Detective is named Jasper Solomon and he is sent to the 21st Century to solve a murder that soon proves to be his most important and unusual case to date...

A Loser Like Me Front Cover V2.jpg
A Loser Like Me

Beth Clarke is no ordinary woman. Ever since she was a little girl, she has had one dream at the forefront of her mind: to execute the greatest bank robbery the galaxy has ever seen! As she retells the story, we experience the joys, perils and excitement that leads up to her fulfilling her ambition.

Immemorial Front Cover.jpg

Two planets come together in peace after centuries of war whilst one man struggles to calm the war within himself. Immemorial follows the escapades of Zhaq Raihtuc as he adjusts to the new peaceful period with cautious optimism. With the war over, will he have a chance to carve a new identity other than 'soldier'? And is he even able to open himself up to the possibility of love?

Tales of the Starmen Volume 1.jpg
Tales of the Starmen: Volume 1

After his mother passes away, Helion is summoned by his father, the Zion, to take his place as the second born Zier of the Solarium Empire. He is introduced to his seemingly cold and ruthless half brother, Eckron, who harbours great desires to succeed his father on the Nova Throne. As Helion adjusts to this new life, he must also contend with the threat of the planet Chegonia, whose people grow tired of life under Solarium rule. Can the two brothers put aside their differences in order to stop the threat before it is too late?

The Testament of Caleb Trent

For as long as he could remember, Caleb Trent yearned to join the Fold, an international peace-keeping organisation, that acts as a light for the world through dark times. While his innate belief in the good of mankind pushes him forward, he discovers that his personal philosophy clashes immensely with the grim reality of life. Time and time again, his resolve is put to the test as he is faced with greed, violence and corruption. Can he hold onto his most defining trait, as he progresses through his illustrious career? Is he able to be satisfied with the man staring back at him in the mirror?

The Day We Became Broken Front Cover.jpg
The Day We Became Broken

Xcel, a young woman with a metal arm and a mysterious past, seems content with her life in the Outlands. But when a stranger claims to have the answers she's been struggling to find, will she finally know peace? And will her life ever be the same again?

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