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Comic Book Review: The Secret Protectors

One of the joys of Comic-Con is that you get the opportunity to discover talent that you might not have heard about elsewhere. I always enjoy the chance to support them in any way I can, usually involving buying one of their products. The Secret Protectors is one of the products that caught my eye this time around.

The Secret Protectors is a comic book created by Adam Wheeler (Writer) and Ben Nunn (Artist). They are both based in London, which is probably another reason why I was drawn to their work as it is always interesting to see home-grown talent.

The story revolves around Benjamin Banks, a young man who receives superpowers from the same accident that kills his father. He immediately finds himself being hunted by a clandestine organisation called S.C.I.M.I.T.A.R, whose motives seem to be to apprehend or control powered individuals. Luckily for Benjamin, his mother Beverly and his younger brother Brody, help arrives in the form of The Secret Protectors: Blackjack, Rawfist and Wildfire. As Benjamin finds himself caught up in a battle between the two factions, he must make a choice that will have lasting effects on him and his family.

The plot within the first two issues establishes the urgency very well and leaves you wanting to pick up the third one. The Secret Protectors has a very refreshing art style and dynamic action scenes that are visually captivating. It’s always an exciting prospect to pick up a new comic book series, especially one with a Black protagonist. I look forward to the next issue and definitely think this is a saga to look out for in the future!

You can find out more about the series and its creators at

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